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The roadmap is divided into 10 themed areas. These chapters should not be taken to represent all areas of women’s inequality in Scotland, but have emerged through consultation with women and equalities organisations, as well as individuals across the country.

Each area contains a number of themes highlighting key areas where action is needed from Scottish Government and other bodies. These recommendations are set out at the beginning of each subsection.

Recommendations have one, two or three stages, representing a linear progression of policy formation and implementation leading up to 2030. Multiple stages can be implemented at a time, and the progression should be seen as a guide, rather than prescriptive timetable. While these are specific recommendations, it should be noted by policy-makers that action for women’s equality should not be undertaken without consulting a wide range of women’s and equalities organisations.

At the end of each chapter, you can find further reading to supplement the information in the roadmap, as well as a list of which other chapters contain related recommendations. The roadmap can be used both for its individual chapters, to guide policy making and implementation in those specific areas, but also utilised as a complete document. Women’s inequality is to be found in all areas of Scottish life, and so the solutions, too, must be cross-cutting.

An example is below:


Vision for women’s equality in 2030.

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