The Gender Matters roadmap

Engender is Scotland’s feminist policy organisation. We work to increase gender equality, by tackling the impact of sexism on women, men, children, society and on our economic and political development.

Our vision is to secure social and economic equality for all groups of women in Scotland. Our members want to live in a Scotland where:

This roadmap sets out a series of measures that, with political will, can be taken by Scottish government and other bodies in pursuit of these goals. With these measures, we hope that Scotland can make significant progress towards women’s equality by 2030.

This feminist roadmap has been developed in collaboration with our members, the women’s sector and wider stakeholders. It builds on participatory engagement that includes our gender matters conference 2015 and development of our gender matters manifesto ahead of the Holyrood elections 2016. Many thanks are due to all the women who contributed their ideas, effort and time to the process.

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Gender Matters Roadmap - towards women's equality in ScotlandGender Matters Roadmap - towards women's equality in Scotland

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